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Township of Mapleton

"We used the Edger to edge old broken pavement edges using hot mix or RAP materials for stabilization. Any Township that has hard surface roads can surely utilize this tool.

Our road crew has found unlimited opportunities to use the Edger to repair broken pavement edges, fill pot holes, stop raveling, fill wheel rutting and the list is endless. Let your operators experiment and save endless hours of manual labour. Your operators are the ones out in the field and see day to day where the Edger can be used to save you valuable time, and time is money in the road business.

Mapleton purchased its fist Edger in 1999/2000 and have used it extensively to repair shoulders that couldn't be repaired before without a lot of man hours and special equipment. Our road crew has found one unit can't begin to keep up with the demand of maintenance jobs they find it can do for them, so we purchased another Edger in 2002. We used the 2 Edgers to shoulder over 10 kilometers of new pavement directly behind the asphalt crew in less than 2 full working days."

- Sandy Vallance, C.R.S.S.

Municipality of Kawartha-Lakes

"We found The Pavement Edger to be a useful tool in widening and strengthening rural highways after the highway transfer process. Several hundred lane kilometers of narrow surface treated roadways were brought up to minimum widths at a reasonable cost to facilitate traffic demands and allow shoulder grading without further peeling of the traveled portion."

- Jeff Seaton, P. Eng.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure

I would like to pass on our appreciation of the pavement edger that we required in 2009. As any new tool it took a little trial and error to see what material worked best in the edger and to develop the skill to use it.

The operators see a benefit of patching holes more efficiently and safer than our old way of more manpower shoveling, raking and being exposed/vulnerable more to the traveling public.

We have bought 6 pavement edgers in 2009, 2 more in 2012 and another in 2013 with the potential of buying a few more for the Province of Saskatchewan in the near future.

- Gord Haines, District Operations Manager, Weyburn District

Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan

I purchased the Pavement Edger in October 2009 and started using it in the early summer of 2010. I used it for placing cold mix on shoulders that were broke up from Agricultural equipment and age thus saving the roads from complete reconstruction for at least another three years.

It became a very effective and cost saving way to rehabilitate deteriorating shoulders with one man and one truck. The Township used the Pavement Edger with Gravel, RAP, Cold Mix & Hot Mix. With money saved in labor cost the Township was able to do more repairs.

We believe the Pavement Edger paid for itself in the first month the Township used it. The fact that we now have a moving operation for road shoulder maintenance, centre line / wheel rut repair and pothole patching it has saved the Township several thousand dollars in cost along with the fact that there are less people on the road which is safer and holds up less traffic.

This is a tool that every Road Manager should have in his tool box.

- Bud Markham CRS, Manager of Public Works

Township of Wellesley

"The Township has been using the pavement edger for about 15 years. The edger has been installed on Tandem Trucks and is operated by a one man operation.

The edger is used in several different applications:

The Township roads crew use it for placing gravel, recycled asphalt along the asphalt drop-offs, and it is very efficient and cost effective. Another application the edger is used for is wheel rutting and crack repairing on our asphalt roads. The hot asphalt is placed on the defected area by the edger and rolled by the wheels on the truck saving on labour hours. The edger has been used to place top soil between asphalt and lawns and works very well. We feel the edger saves a lot of time and money as we perform different maintenance in the Township of Wellesley. Also it is very easy to operate and low repair costs.

Thank you for your product and your courteousness."

- Kevin Beggs, General Manager Community Services

Township of Norwich

"Please be advised the Township of Norwich Public Works Department have been using the pavement edger that is manufactured by AMI Attachments for 4 years now with great success. The unit is mounted on the right hand side of the tandem truck and monitored by a camera to keep an eye on its flow, this way we require less man power to do the operation. We have run asphalt and gravel through the unit though out the summer to keep up with our hardtop maintenance program.

The pavement edger has greatly reduced our shouldering maintenance cost to the point that we are able to do more km. of road for the same amount of dollars as before we acquired the unit."

- Ron Smith C.R.S.I., Public Works Superintendent