Before and After Edging This was done with hot mix asphalt in the paved area of a DOT yard in New Brunswick.<br />This area had a bad case of wheel rutting. The Edger skis float to follow the existing surface heights as seen around the storm drain inlet.<br />The door that releases the product can be opened and closed, as required, as shown when passing a driveway.<br />This example of the Pavement Edger working was done in Wellesley Township and took approximately 5-7 minutes. Paving a cross section of the entire road in New Brunswick. Multiple photos showing this process in action. 13 Tonnes placed in less than 15 minutes In Saskatchewan Quality manufactured by AMI Attachments Wellesley Township Made 2 passes on 5 km of road in 1.5 days Second pass On new Viking truck Armour Township near North Bay, ON Lincoln, Ontario

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