Do you care about maintaining quality roads, saving money and protecting the well-being of your employees? So do we.

Providing quality equipment and products to the road maintenance industry is the mission of MD Roadsavers. I founded the company in 2001, to better meet the need for practical and economical road maintenance equipment, but its roots go back further than that.

The MD Roadsavers philosophy is built from first-hand experience. I worked for the township of Blandford-Blenheim for several years, as their chief building official and drainage superintendent. In that time, I learned a lot about the way things work in a municipality, and about things that can, and should, work better.

In 1993, at an A.O.R.S. trade show, in Listowel, Ontario, I found the opportunity of a lifetime. An Alberta company was looking for an Ontario distributor of a gravel-saving device called The Retriever. I really believed in this product, and so, in June 1993, I started my own company.

I began to develop the Pavement Edger in 1996, with the assistance of a local road superintendent. We came up with a device that could be mounted to a dump truck, using existing snowplow hydraulics. Following the surface of the road, it releases a controlled stream of asphalt that is compacted by the truckšs own rear wheels. What once took three men days to complete could now be done in hours by one operator sitting comfortably and safely in the cab.

We applied for US and Canadian patents on the Pavement Edger, and continue to fine-tune it.

In the hands of our many customers, the Pavement Edger has proven itself more useful and versatile than wešd ever thought. Donšt take my word for it. Take a look at some of our before and after photos, and read our testimonials. Wešre sure youšll see the value of working smarter, not harder.

With the success of the Retriever, we added other products, particularly our star attraction - the Pavement Edger. True to the philosophy of working smarter, not harder, the Pavement Edger was born of the simple thought that there has to be a better way to lay asphalt. The human race has put men on the moon, but still crews of workers are required to stand in the hot sun, twisting and turning with shovels full of hot asphalt, as the traffic flies by them.
Doug Bergman